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By using the hypnovid.com (“Service”) you are agreeing to be bound by the following terms and conditions (“Terms of Service”). Hypnovid.com reserves the right to update and change the Terms of Service from time to time without notice. Continued use of the Service after any such changes shall constitute your consent to such changes. You can review the most current version of the Terms of Service at any time at: http://hypnovid.com/terms-conditions

1) Script and VO length – Each minute of written script we or you provide should be approximate 150 words as we average 2.5-3 words per second for the voice over. Anything more than that will be considered extra work and may be subject to additional charges.

2) Script + VO materials provided by client. If client is providing the script and/or voice over, it must be provided in written form (for the script) and in mp3 or .wav (for the voice over). We cannot extract the script and voice overs from other videos, etc.

3) Voice-Over Changes – Once a Script is approved and VoiceOver is produced, any additional changes in the script that require VoiceOver Production are subject to additional charges. The minimum charge of a VoiceOver production is $45. We offer not more than 2 (two) voice-Over production takes. In case the client needs additional takes for any reason the minimum charge will be applied for every additional take. Sometimes a change in the script/voiceover may require Storyboard changes/adjustments. In cases like that please see (4).

4) Storyboarding changes – Once storyboard is approved then storyboard is final and any changes to objects/characters/words client wants to change may be subject to additional charges of $10 per object/character. Once the storyboard is presented to you, for Storyboard scenes and/or Elements/illustrations that we are not instructed to change, will automatically consider them APPROVED. While we offer unlimited rounds of Storyboard changes, we do not offer free storyboard changes on scenes or elements that we were considered approved or unmentioned. The minimum charge is $10 per object/character.

5) Time-frame and delivery – The normal delivery time (up to 21 working days) starts from the moment we receive necessary material from our clients. Please note that any length of time in which HypnoVID is waiting on a client to supply required files does not count towards our Delivery Due Date timeframe and this time HypnoVID needed to wait will be added to the Due Date timeframe. This is also the case for any time in which HypnoVID is waiting on a client’s approval for any given stage of the project.

6) Extras – Any special requests from client like adding music or sound effects after we produce the video may be subject to additional charges.

7) Payment terms – All projects under $3,000 must be paid in full. For projects more than $3,000 please contact us to set up a 50% down payment. This is because the script writing price, for example, is part of the package so if we wanted to offer just script writing we would charge alot more so that’s why we ask for full price to avoid people paying for one part and then not completing the project.

We can sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you upon request

Refund Policy

Each project at HypnoVID is processed in the following stages:

1. Script Writing
2. Voice Over
3. Storyboarding + Concept building

Once we get your Approval on these 3 stages, we then move on to Production Phase. We work hard to produce best possible results and make you happy but in the unfortunate incident that you want a refund HypnoVID follows stage wise refund policy. Below are our guidelines:

  • HypnoVID will refund 75% of the amount for any unapproved stage/cancelled stage (if HypnoVID cannot alter it to your satisfaction)
  • For an approved and completed stage no money would be refunded
  • Refund amount will be finalized, after deducting money which we had put in the project
  • We reserve the right to give a partial refund as we see fit if a refund request does not fit into one of the above situations.
  • A Project is subject to refund unless the Storyboard is approved. Furthermore, In cases the Script and/or VoiceOver was supplied by the Client, project is not subject to refund after the Storyboard is approved.

Questions about the Terms of Service should be sent to support at hypnovid dot com or by using our contact form on the Contract Us page.