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Custom Animation Videos
to Explain, Inspire, Convert!

We Create Custom Whiteboard Videos, 2D Animation Videos,
Motion Graphics Videos, SuperProduction Videos.

Let’s talk about your product / services and build a custom solution for you.



15 Reasons why you should choose HypnoVID for your next video.
We love to deliver above expectations. Our business partners love that too!

Custom Authentic & Unique Artwork

Our artists & Illustrators create 100% original hand-drawn, hand sketched artwork and illustrations completely tailored to YOUR PROJECT.Your business will NEVER have copyright issues with us.

Unlimited Revisions Guarantee – “We Care” Program*

Based on the “We Care” Program, we offer unlimited revisions on each step until you are 100% satisfied. Whether it’s a script, voiceover or Storyboard: We will not stop until you are absolutely happy. Thats the Guarantee of your video being a success for you! *

Done Within 14-21 Days Or Less

Our Standard delivery from start to finish: Within 14-21 days. Need it faster? Ask for our  5-day “SuperFast” option here. *

Fixed Pricing – No hidden Fees

You know how much your Video will cost you before you even talk with us. We have nothing to hide. We’re 100% transparent with you. *

Low Cost/High Value Videos

“Why are our prices are so low compared to others?”. The answer is simple: We are the Source. Chances are we may work for your Video if you hire someone else.

We Add NeuroScience to the mix

We know marketing, we know Neurolinguistic Programming & we know Animation. Your product & Market is the missing puzzle to create videos that will keep your audiences “hypnotized” and then Take Action!

Script Writing Services That Converts

Behind every great Video, there is a great Script. Our writers know how to create a script that will later be a high converting video, an explainer video, or a viral video. We do this right, every day!

20+  Voice SuperStars

Your Audience wants to be convinced! Our team of 20+ well experienced voice over talents are ready to deliver your message exactly in the way your audience want to hear it. With Clarity and Pursuation.

Your Secrets are Safe with us.

We are very discreet  by heart with all the information you will share with us along the way. We are ready to sign an NDA with you and legally bind ourselves to protect your interests in full discression.

Videos delivered for you in Any Language

We have no Language Barriers in HypnoVID. We can create your video in any Language. German, Spanish, French, Portugese, Greek, Chinese, Japanese…you name it.

Round the Clock Progress Monitoring Access

The process  of creating your Video is so much FUN! We share the FUN with you by involving you in the Process through our online project management system! You will be updated every step of the way as much as you like, as much as your time permits you.

Project Manager who knows your market – “We Care Program”

“We Care” program assings you a reliable, devoted and most relevant to your Market Project Manager that will be on your side from Start to Finish. You should expect to partner up with someone who works on your side!

HypnoVID SuperProduction – a Video “Out of this world” for You!

If you want a Video done for your business like no other video around, if you want something custom done for you that does not yet exist, something unique , an industry game changer. If you don’t settle and always demand for something more: We have SuperProductions here.

Do you need your Video done Yesterday? SuperFast Option*

We understand that great ideas can come when least expected and therefore sometimes we need to act fast. “SuperFast Delivery” option will get you the Video Done within just 5 Days.

After Delivery Services – “We Still Care Program” – (optional)

Congratulations! Your Video is Ready! Now, Do you need someone to help you publish it on your website and Social Media? Do you need a video analytics expert to monitor the performance of your video and help make the necessary adjustments whenever necessary? Do you need a Video Marketing Expert to help you Market it? Get the Most of your Video & efforts with the “We Still Care” Program we offer.

Need to meet a super urgent deadline?

Get your video done within 5 business days!
We meet deadlines every time, all the time, any time!