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We’ve developed a process that makes creating your whiteboard animation fun and easy. We have the “WHO” who knows the “HOW” so you can trust we will deliver the highest quality video. And we’ll apply our HYPNOLOGY method of video scribing to every line of your message.


Scriptwriting is the toughest part of the whole racket….the least understood and the least noticed” – Frank Capra

Our Creative Writers are the Silent Heroes. They will take everything into perspective, then sit in complete silence and meditate until they come up with the big “AHA moment”. They will then close their eyes and start writing your winning script. We offer a guaranteed “AHA moment” for every one of our writers. Their Secret? They still write on papyr with a candle.


Many People thought that Voice Actors just read. Then they saw “the making of” section on their Favourite DVD on animated movies” – Steve Orphanides

In the World of HypnoVID, as the movie voice-over guy would say, Our Voice Stars will then jump in the studio and narrate the video in a way, that even if you listen to the narration alone, you will see vivid images popping in your head, you will feel emotions flying  like colorful butterflies off all sizes. (If you have your own audio then please go to Step 3 at your own risk.) 🙂


The Storyboard for me is the way to visualise the entire movie in advance” Martin Scorsese

Getting ready for the Magic to happen. We will send you a Storyboard for your approval (a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions and script dialogue, representing the shots planned for the production). 


If it’s AMAZING, then people will watch it no matter how long it is! Proof? TV Series” Steve Orphanides

The magic is now happening! We will put everything in motion creating an amazing production. This is the time when we will add music to set the mood, build and release tension and sound effects to highlight and enhance the message and add the extra motion to keep your audience Hypnotized until the end of your Video.


After your Video is tested and reviewed, we will delivered it ready for Web or TV Broadcast.


As soon as you place your order and start working with us, we’ll give you special access to our online project management system so you can monitor the progress of your order. Every single step, from creating the storyboard …to production and delivery for as much as you want to be involved.


We obsess over the small details! We are incessantly preoccupied with delivering whiteboard videos that we are proud of. That means getting every single little detail right – from perfecting each pixel on the video, to matching voice with the video animations.

Need something answered? If you have a question, we have an answer

Our in-house experienced team of writers will create for you a custom-tailored script based on the video duration you desire for the price of $99 per minute (approx. 150 words per minute). After placing your order, you’ll be redirected to a form where you’ll need to provide for us some necessary information about your market and product. Your script will then be ready within 2-7 business days.

To ensure your complete satisfaction, once the script is ready it will be sent immediately to you for your approval. In case you’re not happy with it, don’t worry. We’ll re-write it. We provide up to 3 revisions.

Having a script you’ re not happy with often means it needs to be re-written from scratch to deliver the right message. We can do that for you or we can read and retouch your existing script.

If you have your script ready for production please calculate 150 words for every minute of video production.

Yes. Our team of professional voice over Stars(both male and female) are ready to transform your script into a crystal clear voice over within 2-5 days for as little as $99 per minute which is approx. 150 words.

A Storyboard is a sequence of drawings, typically with some directions representing the shots planned for the HypnoVID production. Download this storyboard sample to see a sample of our cool storyboards. Once you approve the storyboard and you’re happy with it, we then proceed to the HypnoVID production phase. Zero risk. Big time satisfaction!

We are very experienced in what we do so to avoid the possibility of creating somethign you don’t like, we will present you with visual directions first. Once we both agree on those we will then send you character samples to choose from and then proceed to design the Storyboard for you. But even if there is something you don’t like, we offer unlimited revisions until you are 100% satisfied.

That depends on the length of the video and the materials needed. We usually deliver within 14-21 working days. Depending on the production line, this could mean that you may get your video delivered even sooner than 14 days.

Yes we can, in any language you want for a small and reasonable fee.

We always respect customers’ suggestions and feedback. As stated in our terms and conditions “All projects under $3,000 must be paid in full. For projects more than $3,000 please contact us to set up a 50% down payment.”

Two reasons mainly: Firstly is because we are the source. We are not middle persons, we do not resell what we do. Secondly, We believe that we should all pay for the real value of things and not the perceived value. For instance, a video of the quality we provide costs as much as we charge, not more not less. But some companies have different business models and therefore they have a lot of expenses and they have to charge more. We don’t.

If you’re skeptical regarding our quality of work, don’t worry about it. We always send the script, voice over and storyboard for approval FIRST before we proceed to the next phase and until the client is fully satisfied with the work! That’s why we have tons of positive reviews in our portfolio page 🙂